IRET Development


IRET Development is an international Real Estate Developer active in the office,                                                

residential and retail segments.                                                                                                                    

Conscious of the growing importance of mobility, flexibility and environment,

IRET Development focuses on mixed urban projects with a major emphasis on sustainability.

Our activities include public private partnerships.

Today, IRET Development manages an active development pipeline totaling over 400.000m².

Moreover, IRET Development can look back on a rich track-record of successful real estate developments (around 1.000.000m²), among others through its affiliated company Robelco.

IRET Development is a subsidiary of Inter Real Estate Trusty Comm. VA.


IRET DEVELOPMENT consistst of a multidisciplinary team with a wide range of skills and expertise.

Today IRET Development is supported by a multidisciplinary team of thirty people for the startup, the continuing and the realization of its daily activities and projects. These technical, legal, financial and project-specific specialists have a wide range of competences in real estate.

In this way, the complexity and dynamic of each project can be properly managed and turned into a successful real estate story.